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DAKO Coal is specialized in supplying pulverized petroleumcoke to the German chalk, glass, ceramic and cement works as a substitute product for crude oil and/or gas.

Historically, petroleumcoke fired plants have proved to be cheaper than gas or oil fired plants. Consequently, DAKO has been able to convince more and more works over the last couple of years to replace their ‘expensive’ gas and or oil fired kilns by micronized petroleumcoke fired kilns. The long term outlook looks very promising as gas/fuel oil prices will increase as reserves will eventually start to decrease, consumption will rise and as a result the diversification of the fuel portfolio of the envisaged customers will allow a sound marketplace for pulverized petroleum coke.

On top of our core business in pulverized solid fuels we offer trading and upgrading by means of screening, breaking, washing sized petroleumcoke and anthracite along with logistics and expert advice on combustion, equipment, emissions, fuel-mix, storage, etc…

Last but not least we also consult clients on research, analysis and outlook for the petroleumcoke and anthracite markets and advise power generators, cement –and steelworks on procurement as well as educational seminars of petroleumcoke, anthracite and CO2 emissions and certifications.

Pulverized Petcoke - Energy of the future

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