In 1949, the entrepreneur Rudolf Damm founded the Rudolf Damm Coal Company with its headquarters in Witten, near Dortmund in Western Germany. The main activity of this company was mining coal.  In the fifties, RDCC (Rudolf Damm Coal Company) fully owned 19 coal mines all in the vicinity of Dortmund. 

In 1952, DAmm KOhle (DAKO) was founded when it started to market its coals to the national and internationalpower generators. During the fifties, Dako started to import its first coal out of the USA and 20 years later DAKO opened its first office in the US to maintain and improve its contacts towards the US coal producers. And, especially because DAKO had won a multiyear contract with the US army based in Germany. Due to its activities in the US, DAKO was also able to source 500,000 Mt of US Getty-Fluid petcoke for sales tothe European cement industry.

Due to steadily increasing German mining costs and cheaper imported coals over time, the 19 mines owned by DAKO were closed as well as the US office due to a lesser demand for US coal in Germany. Consequently, in the early eighties the company directed its core activityto trading solid fuels, i.e. petcoke and steamcoal, to the German cement works and power generators.

In the early eighties, DAKO concluded its first contracts with Veba Oel AG (crude oil refineries in Germany) to market all Veba’s petcoke. As a result, petcoke imports out of the US were not needed anymore and thattrading activity was consequently closed down. 

In 2010 DAKO offers a fully vertical integrated service to it’s customers base throughout Europe.