Imported Coal

Through our direct connections in the global coal market we can offer various qualities of Standard and high quality coal :

  • High, medium and low vol coal.
  • Coking coal
  • Upgraded and washed coal

Our product portfolio covers almost all applications and based on regular over sea supplies and our own storage possibilities we offer our clients security of supply.   Based on our model we are able to delivery tailor made shipments in barges, trains and trucks to our customers.


Pulverized Coal

These products, such as Thermal Coal, Petroleumcoke, Flexicoke, Bedcoke, Anthracite and other dust serve as foaming coal for Electric Arc Furnaces and as injection coal for Energy, Reduction and recycling processes.  The Quality matrix offers a spectrum (price determination) of sulfur between 0,5 – 6 % with fixed carbon of 87-99 %.  Dust with max 0,5 mm as well as very fine and dust free products in the sizes of 0,1 – 2 mm.